Advisory Board

In the interim period before The Well Church has at least three local elders, the eldership of The Well Church (also referred to simply as “the eldership”) will be subject to an External Advisory Board. This Advisory Board will consist of three or four men of various contexts whom will hold the eldership accountable; provide wise counsel and encouragement; and review major ministry decisions.

We believe that the biblical model of church government is that of a plurality of elders.  We also believe in the local church functioning as a self-governing body.  As a church plant, The Well Church was started with just one elder, Joe Marino.  It is our desire and our goal to move steadily, though not hastily, to a model of a plurality of three or more qualified local elders that have been called, identified, tested, trained and approved.  Until that time, the eldership (initially, Joe Marino) will be subject to the Advisory Board to provide accountability as well as counsel and encouragement.

We are very gratefull for the following Advisory Board members.

Todd Bumgarner :: Lead Pastor, 2 Pillars Church, Lincoln, NE.


Ryan McCoskey :: Lead Pastor, The Seed Church, Wichita, KS.


Jack Boling :: Lead Pastor, First Baptist Church, Cairo, NE.