Our Pastors

We believe the biblical model of church government is that of a plurality of elders/pastors. We also believe in the local church functioning as a self-governing body. As a church plant, “The Well” was started with just one elder in 2012.

It is our desire and goal to move steadily, though not hastily, to a plurality of three or more qualified local elders that have been called, identified, tested, trained and approved. Until that time, the eldership will be subject to the Advisory Board to provide accountability as well as counsel and encouragement.

Please take a moment to get to know our eldership below.

Joe Marino and his wife Christy, with their seven children (left-right): Lewis, Faith, Harley, Aubre, Hope, Grace and Charity, have lived in Hastings, Nebraska since June 2008.


Joe has served in pastoral ministry since 2004. He helped to plant a church in Crete, Nebraska (2004-2008), helped to lead Youth for Christ in Hastings (2008-2016) and began planting The Well in August 2012.

Joe is passionate about helping people become lifelong followers of Jesus.

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Joe Nelson and his wife Eileen are the proud parents of 13 children with a whole bunch of grand children and they live in Trumbull just outside Hastings Nebraska.

Joe was publicly installed as an elder/pastor of The Well in July 2019.

He is a graduate of a baptist seminary and he enjoys preaching, teaching and discipling other believers.

Joe and Eileen host a gospel community in their home weekly and they love to practice hospitality.

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Chris Shade and his wife Stephanie are proud parents of 8 children who have lived in Hastings Nebraska their entire lives.

Chris was publicly installed as an elder/pastor of The Well in January 2020.

He enjoys his Corvair business, practicing evangelism and discipling other believers. Chris and Stephanie home school their children and they both love mentoring young believers.