Kid’s Church


What is Kid’s Church at The Well?

Kid’s Church is a ministry of The Well that serves families with kids who are in Preschool through 5th grade during the 45 – 60 minutes of announcements & preaching in the adult gathering.

What is the purpose of Kid’s Church at The Well?

The purpose of Kid’s Church is to come alongside families & help in the process of making disciples by providing Biblical age appropriate learning through the use of approved gospel centered weekly curriculum, crafts, music, games, etc. that gives the opportunity for kids ages preschool through 5th grade to meet Jesus.

Who leads Kid’s Church at The Well?

Kid’s Church is lead by a team of qualified, gifted, trained & screened adults with junior leaders as helpers.

What do we teach in Kid’s Church at The Well?

Kid’s Church is tasked with the responsibility to teach sound doctrine in accordance with The Well Church Statement of Belief with the intention to introduce kids to Jesus through the gospel message.

Why do kids worship with the adults at The Well?

Kid’s Church kids join the adults for the first part of Sunday gatherings because we believe parents & other adults are the first leaders given by God to children therefore this is an opportunity for kids to learn how to worship God through music by engaging in this discipline with their families.

What about kids who misbehave in Kid’s Church at The Well?

Kids who are misbehaving will be addressed by an Assistant or Junior Teacher individually, gently, privately, appropriately & encouragingly to be a part of Kid’s Church and to behave rightly. In the event of a 3rd consecutive warning in a single week the Assistant Teacher or Junior Leader will locate the parent(s) and ask them to come sit in with the kid. The Head Teacher will debrief with the Assistant Teacher or Junior Leader weekly to get details and pursue a gentle conversation with parent(s) regarding the kid’s behavior, invite them back the following week & encourage parental involvement in Kid’s Church for a few weeks if appropriate.

Who can serve in Kid’s Church at The Well?

People who desire to serve in Kid’s Church must be back ground screened, trained, meet certain biblical qualifications & be approved by the elders of The Well for such a position.