Our nursery provides loving care in a safe and happy environment, that lays the groundwork for developing kids into life long followers of Christ.

We believe the first seeds of faith are born when young children learn to trust as recipients of consistent, quality care. We welcome your baby to our nursery anytime after 6 to 8 weeks of age and we continue to accept them until they turn 5 years old where they graduate into Kid’s Church.

Your baby or toddler will need a labeled diaper bag with fresh diapers, a change of clothes, a labeled bottle or sippy cup and any items you know your child will need to be content during their time in the nursery. We offer Nilla Wafers and Cheerios to our preschoolers unless instructed otherwise by a parent.

There will be a sign in sheet at the nursery room entrance for you to fill in that records your name, your child/children’s names, your cell phone number and any special care needs you wish to note.

You will receive a text message from one of our nursery/preschool leaders with any questions or concerns related to your child/children should any arise.

Our nursery is staffed by adult church members who have been properly background screened and trained to work with infants and toddlers. We also have 7th to 12th grade youth who volunteer to serve under the oversight of our adult nursery leaders.

Our nursery is a well-child nursery and we do turn away infants and toddlers with any indication of illness.  To prevent the transfer of germs, all baby toys are sanitized, linens are laundered and larger toys and equipment wiped with sanitizing wipes after each use.  Periodically, large equipment and toys are washed with soap and water to supplement the sanitizing procedures.